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12 Great Gifts for Pool Owners

Pool owners love their swimming pools, and now is the season to show your favorite pool person how much you love them and their backyard. From trendy décor to the latest technology, there’s something water-proof they’re sure to enjoy. Here are 12 of our favorite pool-themed presents you can give someone this holiday season.

  1. Personalized Swimming Pool Décor.

    If your friend or family takes great pride in their poolscape, you can find personalized pool sign or personalized pool towels that will be sure to bring a smile to their face and dress up a pool owner’s backyard.

  2. Floating loungers.

    It’s not a relaxing day at the pool if you don’t have something to lay on in the water. Choose from the traditional pool lounge to any number of shapes, ranging from pizza slices to sea creatures, or spring for a higher-end lounger, which looks more like a pillow or large cushion than a plastic blow-up raft.

  3. Floating speakers.

    If the backyard isn’t already hooked up with speakers, there are waterproof ones designed to float in the pool and deliver tunes. They are typically Bluetooth-enabled and have wifi connectivity, operate on a rechargeable long-lasting battery, and deliver great sound in and out of the water.

  4. Pool games.

    There are a number of waterproof board and card games, including Uno, checkers, chess, Spot It, and the regular deck of 52 playing cards. Want to step it up a notch? Add a floating poker table or blackjack table. For golf aficionados, you can turn their pool into a floating putting green, or give ping pong players a floating table tennis set-up.

  5. Pool Party.

    For the consummate party planner in your group, you can provide all the necessities for an in-pool party, from underwater seating and floating serving trays to beverage coolers and disco lighting — everything they’ll need to have a wild and wet party in their pool.

  6. Spa Sanctuary.

    Give the gift of luxury they can use at home. Nature 2 Spa Sticks work to provide the ultimate sensory, spa experience with creating cleaner, clearer, softer and more luxurious feeling water.

  7. Shatterproof dishes.

    Broken glass is a nuisance inside or outside, but it can be straight-up damaging when a pool or spa is involved. Help your favorite pool owner avoid this with melamine dishware and acrylic stemware, which can be just as elegant as their fine china, ceramic and glass counterparts without the risk of shattering into a pieces if they drop. Plus, they cost far less to replace if they do break.

  8. Solar-powered chargers.

    Plug in your phone, tablet, or whatever else needs recharging into one of these devices designed to harness backyard oasis’ greatest asset besides your pool — the sun. Waterproof chargers come in all forms for the poolside, but our favorites are the patio table and the patio umbrella.

  9. Luxurious Microfiber towels.

    Towels can suffer after a summer of sun and chlorine exposure, plus frequent washing. So, why not give the gift of new pool towels! These quick-drying, soft and colorful towels are warm and welcoming, as well as useful any time of the year.

  10. Outdoor television.

    Who wants to sit inside on a beautiful sunny day watching television when they could sit outside and watch television? The outdoor television is made for outdoor living and is protected against weatherizing and viewable even in bright sun. Your friends & family will enjoy watching games and movies while still being able to soak in the sun.

  11. Workout accessories.

    Is the pool owner a fitness enthusiast? Give them a set of water dumbbells, barbells, or even a simple kickboard, allowing them to turn their pool into a gym. Do they like running but complain that it’s too hot out? Try an aquatic jogger, which lets them float upright while running in place. If they prefer swimming laps but don’t have a lap pool, a swimming belt allows them to swim in place, or if you’re really nice, you can’t beat an endless pool for practicing stroke technique.

  12. Outdoor shower.

    Be a gracious guest and gift giver by giving your pool owner the gift of an outdoor shower they can easily hook up to their garden hose. A conveniently placed shower will not only help them keep their pool clean, but it will help lessen any possible irritation due to harsh chemicals.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published December 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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