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7 Swimming Pool Issues You Do Not Want to Ignore

Does your pool need repairs

It’s never fun to think about swimming pool repairs. However, if ignored, small repairs can turn into massive headaches down the road. The sooner you catch a problem and complete a pool repair, the better off you’ll be.

Don’t ignore these seven signs:

1. Cracked Walls

Any cracks in your pool walls or floor should signal that it’s time to call a professional. While small cracks in the plaster coating are common and usually simple to fix, it’s important to catch them early because they can quickly develop into more serious structural cracks if not handled promptly.

2. Deteriorated Pool Surfaces

Signs of deterioration include flaking, peeling, roughness, stains and discoloration. If your pool’s surface starts to deteriorate, it may be time to resurface.

3. Broken Lights

Broken lights aren’t a swimming pool repair to ignore. Keep in mind that changing light bulbs in your pool can be dangerous and should only be handled by a professional.

4. Peeling Plaster

Peeling plaster falls under deteriorated pool surfaces, but it’s worth a separate mention. Many pools are surfaced with plaster, which can be sensitive to wear and tear. If your pool chemicals are improperly balanced, the plaster can erode, causing it to wear, crack and peel. People tend to ignore these issues, but it’s crucial to fix them early to avoid a costly swimming pool repair.

5. Discolored Grout

Discolored grout is often a sign that dirt and grime are stuck in your tiles. If you don’t take care of it quickly, that grime can stay permanently lodged in your tile, causing irreversible discoloration. A professional pool repair technician can address the discoloration quickly.

6. Loose Coping Stones

The stones that top your pool’s wall are called coping stones. These can become loose and crack. When this happens, they turn into a significant safety hazard and should be repaired promptly.

7. Leaks

It’s usually pretty obvious if you have a leak, but smaller leaks may not be as apparent. Signs of a pool leak include wet spots in your yard, high water bills or constant water level changes. Make sure to address any suspected leaks quickly with your pool pro. Be Proactive with Swimming Pool Repairs

If you pay attention to your pool’s condition, you’ll be able to spot potential problems as they arise. When you see any of these signs in your pool, be proactive and call a qualified pool professional to make the needed repairs quickly and avoid more costs down the line.

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