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4 Benefits of Variable-Speed Pumps

Jandy Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Have you considered buying a variable-speed pump for your pool? If you’re like most people, the price point might have you hesitating, but there are good reasons why variable-speed pumps are worth the investment.

When it comes to pool anatomy, the pump is like the pool’s heart. Its job is to circulate water through the filtration system. A variable-speed pool pump is the highest-quality pool pump option on the market. It’s like choosing to give your pool the best heart possible.

The Variable-Speed Pump Difference

First, it’s essential to know the difference between the three different types of pumps.

• Single-Speed Pumps: The motor runs at one speed. You can only turn it on and off.

• Two-Speed Pumps: This pump offers two speeds: high and low. The high speed is the same speed you would find in a single-speed pump. The low speed is an option for simple water filtering.

• Variable-Speed (Multi-Speed) Pumps: Variable-speed pumps offer low, high and every speed in between. They’re powered by a different type of motor than the other two.

With several different speeds, the variable-speed pump offers a range of benefits.

Here are four of our favorite benefits of variable-speed pumps.

1. Lower Energy Bills:

Variable-speed pumps save you money in the long run. Pool pumps don’t have to run at high power 24/7 to keep your pool clean. Variable-speed pumps allow you to use only the amount of power you actually need. In fact, lowering the pump speed when the pool filter is running will allow for more effective filtration, all while saving energy.

Variable-speed pumps are the best way to have a truly energy-efficient pool pump. They allow you to save money on electricity bills as a result. We’ve seen pool owners use 70% less energy and save up to $1,100* per year with some Jandy® variable-speed pump models!

2. Quiet Operation:

Variable-speed pumps are much quieter than the other two options. The quieter operation is one of the biggest benefits people notice right away. Because the pumps aren’t always running at the highest speed, they make less noise overall.

Less noise leads to more peaceful pool time and happier neighbors. Jandy variable-speed pumps even feature “whisper quiet” technology, which is as tranquil as it sounds.

3. Convenient Control:

The best part about the various speeds and modes of variable-speed pumps is that you don’t have to control them manually. You can set schedules, and let the pump run on its own. This enables you to program the pump to dial down for quiet times and ramp up for quick cleaning.

Plus, with Jandy variable-speed pumps, you can increase your automation even further with the iQPUMP01, which lets you control your pump using an from the convenient iAquaLink® smartphone app.

4. Fewer Headaches Down the Road:

In addition to the cost savings, quiet operation and ease-of-use, choosing a variable-speed pump will prevent headaches down the road. The DOE (Department of Energy) has new pool pump regulations going into effect in 2021.

These new standards don’t prohibit single-speed pumps outright, but they will make it necessary for most pool owners to install variable-speed pumps down the line. By making the switch to a variable-speed pool pump today, you can avoid having to replace a single-speed pump in the future.

Is a Variable-Speed Pump Right for Me?

Now that you know the benefits of variable-speed pumps, it’s clear why these models cost slightly more than the alternatives and can actually help you save money over time. Talk to your pool professional to see which variable-speed pool pump is right for your pool.

If you’re looking for the best variable-speed pump on the market, be sure to check out Jandy’s full line of variable-speed pumps.

*Based on a 28,000 gallon pool with two turnovers per day at an energy cost of $0.195/kWh vs. comparable single speed pumps; when tested in accordance with the applicable requirements of 10 CFR 429.

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