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5 Reasons to Thank Your Pool Professional

Pool professional balancing pool water with Taylor testing kit

Last year, we declared September 7th Fluidra International Pool Pro Day to show our appreciation to pool professionals around the world for the countless hours they work, ensuring pool owners have an operating, well-maintained and beautiful swimming pool to make memories.

Pool professionals – more specifically service technicians – are responsible for keeping the pool of your dreams running from providing expert advice to installing and maintaining your valuable pool equipment and deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Here are five things pool service technicians are responsible for that warrant a “thank you” on Fluidra International Pool Pro Day (and every day):

1. They Do All The Heavy Lifting (Literally)

Did you know that most residential swimming pool heaters weigh anywhere from 100 to over 200 pounds?

Pool equipment is extremely heavy, and when pool professionals install or replace equipment in your pool’s setup, they’re lifting all of that equipment themselves under the hot sun… talk about some serious manual labor!

2. They Keep Your Pool Equipment in Tip-Top Shape

Your pool’s support system — the pump, filter, and heater — requires regular maintenance to ensure it operates like a well-oiled machine. Pool service professionals know what to look for and can fix minor issues before they turn into bigger, more costly repairs.

So, not only do they nip issues in the bud, but they also save you money down the line!

3. They Winterize Your Swimming Pool Properly

Once the weather cools off – especially in cold and even temperate climates – your swimming pool needs to be closed down, also known as winterized, when not in use. While sometimes, pool owners will take this task on themselves, it’s highly recommended that a pool professional winterize your pool due to their level of expertise.

During the winterization process, the pipes must be blown and plugged to keep water out because (as we know) once water freezes, it expands, which could cause severe damage to your pool.

4. They’re Not Just Pool Pros; They’re Electricians

You wouldn’t trust someone to operate on you unless they were a board-certified surgeon, right?

The same goes for installing and servicing pool equipment with electrical components (which is most pool equipment).

We all know that electricity and water don’t go together… so installing and servicing pool equipment – that pool water runs through – requires extensive training and must be done very carefully.

Certified pool professionals handle electrical wiring, bonding and grounding with precision to ensure overall safety when in and around the pool.

5. They Resurface and Enhance Your Swimming Pool

Let’s say you’ve noticed some wear and tear on your vinyl liner, or maybe the plaster is peeling off your pool…

It’s time to call a licensed pool professional (Unless you want to spend the next few weeks replastering or changing the liner yourself)!

Resurfacing swimming pools is no easy feat, and it takes a considerable amount of time and experience to ensure your pool operates and looks its best.

Thanking Your Pool Pro

The truth is that without pool professionals, there wouldn’t be any pools. We rely on them for their expertise in maintenance and safety to provide us with endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation.

This Fluidra International Pool Pro Day, be sure to thank your pool professional for all of the time and energy they dedicate to making your perfect pool experience a reality.

Not sure where to start? See the many ways you can thank your pool pro!

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