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How to Use Less Chlorine in Your Swimming Pool

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Are you looking for ways to decrease your chlorine usage in your swimming pool? It’s easier than you might think. Here are two excellent options.

Exploring Salt Chlorinators & Mineral Sanitizers

There are several types of pool sanitizers and pool chemicals available.

Many people immediately jump to bromine as a pool sanitizer alternative to chlorine. However, while bromine shares many properties with chlorine, it breaks down when exposed to UV rays, so it doesn’t work as well for outdoor pools.

Salt chlorinators and mineral sanitizers are an easy option to reduce chlorine usage in your pool. Here’s a little information about each of them.

Salt Chlorinators: Salt chlorinators actually create their own chlorine. Pool owners simply add pool salt to their pools. It dissolves and creates saltwater, which runs through the pool’s filtration system and enters the chlorine generator.

The chlorine generator uses electrolysis with a low-voltage current to produce chlorine. Salt chlorinators are more than just chlorine alternatives. They take the manual work out of pool sanitization by automatically creating chlorine for your pool. Salt chlorinators allow you to cut your pool chemical costs by up to 85% and are known to result in silky, skin-hydrating water with less skin and eye irritation.

Mineral Sanitizers: Mineral sanitizers are typically used as supplemental sanitizers, meaning that they should not be the only type of pool sanitizer that you use. Mineral pool sanitizers utilize the ancient cleansing properties of a combination of minerals like copper and silver to neutralize algae and eliminate harmful bacteria.

Like salt chlorinators, mineral sanitizers don’t require daily maintenance. Instead, they use disinfecting minerals to destroy harmful algae and bacteria so pool owners can use significantly fewer chemicals to keep their pools clean.

Mineral-based sanitizers result in more comfortable, cleaner pool water using markedly less chlorine. Although a mineral sanitizer will not eliminate the need for using chlorine in your pool, it will notably reduce the amount of chlorine that you need to use.

The Best Salt Chlorinator and Mineral Sanitizer on the Market

As with most things, not all chlorinators and sanitizers are created equally. These are our top picks for the best products in each category.

1. TruClear® Salt Chlorinator: This salt chlorinator is simple and reliable. It’s energy-efficient and works at extremely low flow rates, meaning the chlorinator is completely compatible with variable-speed pumps. It’s easy to install, and when paired with the iAquaLink® app, you can control it with your smartphone.

Most importantly, this salt chlorinator does exactly what you need. It creates its own chlorine, so you don’t have to buy any. All you need is pool salt to get it up and running.

2. NEW TruGuard® Mineral Sanitizer: This mineral sanitizer uses EPA-registered mineral bed technology to reduce the amount of chlorine your pool needs by up to 50%. Pool water flows through the sanitizer’s cartridge, where it uses mineral technology to destroy harmful bacteria and algae.

You can use the TruGuard® Mineral Sanitizer together with salt chlorinators (like the TruClear® Salt Chlorinator) for even clearer, cleaner, and more comfortable pool water.

Each sanitizer can be used individually as well, depending on your goals and needs.

Keep Your Pool Sanitized

It’s possible to keep your pool clean without using as much chlorine by using a salt chlorinator, like the TruClear® Salt Chlorinator or adding a secondary mineral sanitizer like the TruGuard® Mineral Sanitizer.

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