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What To Know Before You Build

What to Know Before You Build a Pool

If the allure of a new pool beckons, you may find yourself wondering how to start the process of adding a pool to your backyard. How do you decide on a design? A location? A builder? Below we share some things to consider as you start to think through your new soon-to-be pool.

See what's out there

Investigate the latest styles, materials, and technologies. A simple web search will turn up a list of links to work your way through and give you a sense of what other people are building and the different looks available. You can also browse through our pool gallery for design ideas.

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Put together your look book

Start a simple portfolio of pools designs you love. Houzz® publishes a vast selection of pool looks as do other home and garden design sites. Browse Pinterest®; and builder websites and save photos of your dream pool. Grab pictures of friends’ and neighbors’ pools you dig. If you collect photos of what you like, it will help give your pool builder a good idea of what you want.

Remember to look at decking, entertainment spaces, water features, lighting and more. Your preferences may shift over time, but at least you’ll have a solid sense of what you do and don’t want in your new pool.

Consider your property

Keep the type of house you have in mind when you select your pool design. For instance, if you live in a modern house, a contemporary pool with clean, straight lines may better suit your property. Your backyard is an extension of your home, so you’ll probably want to ensure the pool design harmonizes with your existing living space.

Finally, take a look around your backyard. If you live in a yard with a lot of full-grown trees and landscaping, you might want a more natural look to your pool. If you’re starting with an empty yard, you’ll want to consider the landscaping you’ll add later on to ensure your pool complements it.

Think about placement

How will you use your pool? Is it for entertaining? Relaxation? Exercise? Those needs will determine where your pool is placed and how close to the house it’s built. For example, you’ll want to know if there’s enough room to accommodate entertaining space and landscaping around and behind your pool.

Some pros recommend that you outline your dream pool in your backyard using flexible garden hoses to get a sense of how much space the pool will comprise and if it’s in scale to your house and yard. Of course, the pool will be bigger once the hole is in the ground, but the garden-hose technique can give you in initial idea of placement.  

Don't forget maintenance

Give some thought to ease of use when thinking about what type of pool you want. If you go with a salt water pool, you may not need to stock as many chemicals to keep the water properly balanced. Investing in an automation system can make it easier to manage pool features like lights and temperature. These are things you’ll want to know up front so they can be integrated into your pool project.

Decide who will build your pool

Ask friends with pools you like, check pool builder associations, and cross reference all referrals with the Better Business Bureau. When you’re building a swimming pool, the contractor’s license should be in swimming pool construction. Before hiring any contractor, ask for his or her license number and check your State License Board website to verify that the license is in good stead.

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A swimming pool is an ideal addition to most backyards. Do some research and choose trusted professionals for the job and it will pay off in the end. Here’s to your dream pool!

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