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7 Questions To Ask Your Service Person


Wondering what your pool service person does when taking care of your pool? Or looking to hire a new pool service technician? If you're curious or just want to be more involved in your pool's care, below are seven questions to ask.

1) What is your visit schedule?

Service schedules can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This is because each pool has its own requirements. For example, if you have a big family and the pool is used often, it will need to be serviced more. Once a week is a fairly standard visit schedule for the "average" pool.

2) Are you licensed?

This is an important question to ask from a warranty perspective. For instance, Zodiac's warranty verbiage states that if our equipment isn't installed by a professional and licensed pool/spa technician, the warranty could be voided. This ensures your equipment is properly installed for the optimum performance and safety of your pool.

3) Do you do your own repairs?

It can cost more if your service person needs to hire someone else to do repairs. Many service companies also employ repair technicians, so for your convenience you may want to ask if your service company also does repairs.

4) Do you provide a warranty on repairs?

Most pool equipment has a one-year warranty. It's a good idea to find out if the person installing your equipment also provides a warranty - on the labor. A 90-day warranty is a good indicator that your service person will stand behind his or her work.

5) Do you have on-call service for emergencies?

Let's say a pool pipe bursts and is flooding your neighbor's yard - you're going to need to know how to turn it off. If your service company has on-call emergency service, it's peace of mind that you'll know what to do if something on your pool needs immediate attention.

6) Do you charge for chemicals or are they included in the monthly rate?

The price of chemicals has gone up in the last five years. You should know up front if you're being charging for chemicals independent of service so you can factor that into your budget. Also ask if your service person keeps a chemical log for your pool because some states require it due to EPA regulations.

7) How long should I wait to swim after your visit?

The time you'll need to wait to swim depends on the chemicals used. For your safety, ask how much time must pass before you can enter your pool.

Your pool is a big investment and the more you know about keeping it in optimum shape, the better. Most pool service technicians provide excellent value and convenience for pool owners, and are happy to answer any questions, so ask away!

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