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Hello Summer! 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Pool this Season

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Summer means that it’s time for some water fun, and your swimming pool is the perfect backyard sanctuary with countless options for relaxation and entertainment — even if large pool parties are out. Here are just a few of the ways you can enjoy your pool this season.

1. Have Fun with the Family: Jump in and swim and splash together. Pull out some squirt guns or a water volleyball — or play some fun pool games. No matter what you do, the options for family fun and bonding are endless.

2. Lounge with a Good Book: There’s something incredibly relaxing about reading by the pool. Grab a book and dangle your feet over the side — or lounge on a pool float while you read. If audiobooks are more your style, crank up the volume on your outdoor speakers. Audible even released free audio books for kids if they need some extra entertainment!

3. Have a Swim-Up Movie Night: Re-create an outdoor movie experience in your own backyard by projecting a movie next to your swimming pool. Hang a large white sheet on a wall in front of your pool or rent/buy a projector screen to watch your favorite movie while floating or swimming. Make it more fun with a water-themed movie like Finding Nemo (for kids) or Jaws (for adults).

4. Practice Water Meditation: Create a true pool sanctuary by practicing water meditation. You can sit or float in the water and listen to a guided meditation or simply train your attention inward, focusing on your breath and working to free your mind of distracting thoughts. Mindfulness meditation goes well with the calming effect of water.

Or try focusing on the principles of meditation while swimming — sometimes called mindful swimming — using your pool as an avenue to clear your mind and alleviate stress. Pay attention to your movements by counting your breaths and strokes. Focusing on the water helps you stay present.

5. Hold an Underwater Photoshoot: Why not spice up your Instagram feed or make memories of your family time last forever with some underwater photos? Buy a cheap underwater disposable camera or a watertight case for your smartphone online. You can keep it fun and silly by snapping candid pictures on the fly or get fancy with props, outfits and planned poses.

6. Listen to Your Favorite Music: Whether it’s opera or R&B, relaxing to your favorite music while in the pool can’t be beat. You could even tune into #ClubQuarantine with @dnice on Instagram Live or livestream a concert from your phone. Just sync it to your outdoor speakers or waterproof headphones and enjoy!

7. Ignite Some Friendly Competition: There’s nothing like a little competition to build some excitement. Hold a family tournament day: break into two teams for a series of competitions, like races or diving contests, and keep an ongoing tally of the winners. Get creative with silly, kid-friendly competitions, like who can do the best mermaid swim or who can imitate a dolphin the best.

8. Work on Your Fitness: Get your workout on with pool exercises to stay in shape all summer long. Whether you want to replace your regular gym routine or just do a few exercises here and there, your pool is an easy place to stay active.

9. Glow & Swim at Night: Add night swims to the summer lineup! Pool LED lights are a fantastic option for regularly enjoying your pool at night — you can even create colorful underwater lightshows with color LED lighting. Want a more memorable night-time activity to enjoy your pool with the whole family? Throw a bunch of glow sticks into the pool for some neon fun — diving for glow sticks, anyone?

10. Indulge in a Poolside Cocktail: Skip the bar and enjoy a relaxing cocktail hour in your own backyard. Grab some unbreakable glassware, mix up some tropical cocktails and unwind together.

Soak Up the Summer with Endless Pool Fun

Summer is a time to slow down, relax and enjoy quality time with loved ones. Start the season off with these ideas for pool fun, and keep it going all summer long!

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