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Nine Fun Pool Floats for Summer

Break out the pool floats and have a blast this summer! Why lay on a floating pool lounge when you can relax on the back of a rainbow unicorn or chill out adrift on an inflatable popsicle. Pool toys like these have blown up in a big way, appearing front and center on celebrity’s Instagram posts the past few summers — this summer make them the star of your feed as well.

  1. Pizza Party

  2. Make your pool party a pizza party! You can order by the slice or purchase a whole pie for you and your friends to enjoy.

  3. Mermaid Tales

  4. Mermaid dreams do come true with this fun float that lets you soak up the sun like Ariel (before she got legs).

  5. Bull Riding in Bathing Suits

  6. Turn your pool into a rodeo with this adventurous addition to your aquatic accessories.

  7. Rainbow Unicorn

  8. White swans and pink flamingo pool floats are in the past— this year, be unique with a colorful unicorn instead.

  9. Float Away on the Millennium Flacon

  10. Lay back, relax and leave the Rebel Alliance behind as you unwind with a ride on Hans Solo’s ship.

  11. Swimming Pool Angel

  12. If heaven is laying in the pool on a hot summer day then you may as well have wings.

  13. Everything’s Better with Bacon

  14. Lay like bacon, but don’t get burnt… be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen before stepping out into the sizzling sun.

  15. Popsicle Pool Float

  16. Guaranteed not to melt, you’ll stay cool under the sun with this popsicle pool float.

  17. Botticelli Beauty

  18. Botticelli’s Venus arrived on shore via a seashell, but you can bask in the sun on one with this luminescent pool float. And bonus… It even comes with a pearl!

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