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We’ve Got You Covered: The Top 9 Reasons You Should Install a Pool Cover

A pool cover is one of the most practical accessories you can buy for your pool. Not only will it help keep maintenance down by preventing twigs, leaves, dirt and other wind-blown debris out of your pool, a pool cover is the single-most effective way of reducing pool heating costs. In fact, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) estimates a savings of up to 50%–70%, depending upon if you have a solar-powered or gas pool heater, or a heat pump.

In addition to approved pool fencing and door alarms, a well-maintained swimming pool cover adds another layer of safety in preventing drowning, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Here are the top nine reasons you should install a pool cover:

  • Keeps debris and snow melt out of a pool
  • Cuts down on chemical use
  • Eases the load of the pump and filter
  • Saves water by reducing evaporation; good for drought-prone or hot regions
  • Saves energy by reducing heat loss from evaporation and head radiation
  • Saves money by lowering costs of heating and energy
  • Saves you or your pool cleaner time; less mess means the job goes more quickly
  • Eliminates the need for a dehumidification system
  • Acts as a protective barrier if it’s a properly installed solid safety cover; like a horizontal fence or wall

Not convinced? Calculate the savings you can accrue with the Cover-Pools® Savings Calculator, which helps estimate the cost and savings of a pool cover for heat and chemicals, with or without a cover, for the city or region in which you live.

Now that we’re on the same page, determining the type of pool cover is up to you. Swimming pool covers can come in multiple covers to match your decor or decking, and can be tailored to fit custom-shaped pools.

Types of Covers

Obviously, not all covers are alike in cost, materials, and purpose. They range from no-frills tarps to automatic, custom-fit covers that can be operated by the touch of a button. Budget, convenience, and the level of protection needed will influence your choice.


Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, both for cost and ease of use. Tarp-like covers will keep some or most of the debris out and should be anchored or attached on the pool’s edges so that they don’t blow away. They come in large sheets or rolls and can be cut to fit most pool shapes, even custom designed pool shapes like boomerangs and guitars.


A smarter investment would be a manual system. Easy to manage and able to cover your pool with a little physical exertion, these pool covers are perfect for budget-savvy pool owners who don’t mind a little “manual labor”. Fortunately, Cover-Pool’s Step-Saver® with either the Original Turn Handle or the Power Wheel™ option, both make cover retraction on a standard-sized pool less cumbersome than basic anchor-type covers and other manual pool covers on the market...


The ideal pool cover, automatic covers are easy to use, save time, look good, conserve more energy and heat, and perhaps most importantly — keep children, pets, and loved ones safe when the pool is not in use. For existing pools, Cover-Pool’s low-profile, deck-mounted Universal and SnapTop™ tracks and Flush Track options allow you to add an automatic pool cover that blends beautifully with your backyard decor — concealing the market’s toughest waterproof motor, BigRed™ Motor, beneath a stylish Everlast Bench or seamlessly hiding it in an enclosure recessed below the deck surface.

Cover-Pool’s Everlast™ Benches are available in metal, wood, or other materials, and can be used as a base for a custom-designed bench built by a subcontractor.

If you’re in the lucky position of building a new pool, your pool contractor can integrate a Cover-Pool retracted system that can be completely hidden from view.

The Ultimate Automatic

Since the mid-1960s — nylon ropes have been used to operate automatic pool covers. However, nylon ropes are prone to shrinking, stretching, breaking, and require service repairs — creating additional costs. Now, Cover-Pool’s automatic swimming pool covers are made using durable stainless steel T4 aircraft-grade cables, which are stronger and never stretch or shrink meaning there is less maintenance required. Designed for quick, easy installation and maximum adjustability, the T4 offers the industry’s shortest electric footprint at 22 inches. Sometimes smaller is better.

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