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3 Great Reasons To Give Thanks for Pools

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It’s that time of year again. Your Austin Powers costume is back in its resting place for the next 11.5 months and the smell of pumpkin spice is fused with apple cinnamon. Each November, Americans reflect on what they’re most thankful for – family, friends, health and, for those lucky Cubs fans, a world championship after more than a century of waiting. But no matter where you are or what sports team you root for, as a pool owner there are three things that undoubtedly have had a positive impact on your life:

Warm Water

The only thing better than having a swimming pool is having a swimming pool you can use even when the weather turns cold.  There’s no greater feeling than looking around the neighborhood to see folks closing their pools as you land the perfect swan dive into the water of your heated swimming pool. As you paddle around, relaxing and rejoicing in warm water, you soon forget that outside of your pool’s coziness, Mother Nature has turned the air frigid. While others stare at their covered pools, remembering summers spent grilling and cooling off in the pool, you’re pondering whether you should call into work and just float all day.

What’s even more exciting is enjoying your heated pool knowing your energy-efficient pool heater isn’t costing you an arm and leg to use. And when the weather warms again, you’ll turn your pool heater off and save even more money on your electricity bill because you have a heater that delivers maximum energy savings.

So go ahead and make that phone call to the office. Tell them you have a cold and you’ll need to stay home to “warm up.” 

Clean Pools Without Elbow Grease

Few things make pool owners happier than a sparkling clean pool. There’s something about the feeling of not having a speck of dirt or debris in your pool that feels so… magical. That’s what’s so great about automatic pool cleaners – they clean the pool quickly and easily so pool owners can experience that clean-pool feeling without breaking a sweat. Automatic pool cleaners are to swimming pool owners what sliced bread is to sandwich eaters. Sure, you could make a sandwich by manually slicing the bread but it’s so much easier with the bread already sliced. Having all the work done for you means you can skip the tedious part and get right to enjoying your pool.

What’s even better is if you have to put in no effort at all. Robotic cleaners with pre-programmable cleaning schedules require almost no effort beyond emptying the debris basket every now and then. Magical, indeed. 

No-Stress Pool Control

You’re out to brunch, dining al fresco with some friends when you realize it’s a beautiful day. Your friends invite themselves over to your place for a swim. You have flashbacks to when you would have had to speed home, manually flip switches and levers to get the pool ready and looking presentable by the time your friends arrived. Luckily, that process is a lot more seamless these days.

After accepting your friends’ self-invite, you simply pull out your phone to open an app and tap your screen a few times. Voila! With a few swipes, the water heater is on, the salt chlorinator and pool pump are perfectly set, the LED lights are tuned to your favorite light show and the water features will activate just as you pull into the driveway. At peace, you take another bite of your BLT knowing the pool will be in great shape by the time you all arrive at your place. No hassle. No stress.

With warm water, a sparkling clean pool, and easy on-the-go pool control, your perfect pool experience is a reality. So when you take your place around the dining room table with family and friends, remember to give thanks for those things that make owning your pool easier and more enjoyable.

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