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Fun and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Pool for Halloween

How to Decorate Pool for Halloween


Halloween’s right around the corner, and even your swimming pool can get dressed for the occasion. What’s more fun than a swimming pool – on Halloween? Read on for some cool ways to decorate your swimming pool for the holiday.


Pose plastic skeletons as if they’re real people lounging on deck chairs, sitting on the pool slide or dipping their bony toe into the shallow end. Finish the look with carved pumpkins and battery-operated candles* glowing around the pool deck.  


If you have a canoe or boat, float it in the pool and add skeletons with pirate hats, and eye patches. Scatter gold coins around the pool deck. Play some pirate music on the speakers and put the “pirate’s booty” in a chest overflowing with gold coins.


Stretch cobwebs around the pool (be sure they can’t be easily reached by young children) and place fake giant spiders - available from any Halloween store - in the webs. Add smaller spiders on the pool deck for a creepy crawly effect.


Blow up a number of latex gloves, add a white glowstick* inside, tie the end and float the hands in the water. The dismembered hands effect adds a great spooky effect to your pool. Add flickering battery-operated candles* around the pool deck.


Place battery-operated candles* in plastic pumpkins and float them on the pool’s surface for a festive Halloween look. It’s quick, easy, and affordable!


You don’t need to do a lot to create a great Halloween scene in your swimming pool. Use some of these simple suggestions and transform your backyard into a spooky landscape.


Happy Halloween!

*Ensure that all candles and glowsticks can be placed in wet areas and that they are used according to manufacturer instructions.

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