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6 Must-haves for Throwing the Most American 4th of July Party

Pool Party

There are a few things that come to mind when thinking about summer. Pool days, baseball, BBQ's... the list goes on. But there's one thing that gets everybody excited about longer days of sunshine – Fourth of July. Here are six steps to celebrating American freedom in truly patriotic fashion.

American Muscle Grill:

What's more American than delicious BBQ? Delicious BBQ grilled under the hood of some serious American muscle. Make sure you're cooking correct with these car-inspired grills.

Patriotic Attire:

If you're not rocking red, white and blue this Fourth of July, did you really even try? Dress up as the American Flag or even Uncle Sam himself with these patriotic costumes!

Patriotic Light Show:

Patriotism doesn't stop with your attire. Deck your pool out with Nicheless LED Underwater Pool and Spa Lights from Jandy Pro Series. Select a red, white and blue display (one of five light shows) for an epic in-pool party.

Red, White and Blue Food:

We all know it's not really a Fourth of July party without theme-colored food. From the famous flag cake to patriotic spaghetti and red, white and blue chips and salsa there are a variety of foods to make your party a delicious one.

Boom, Crackle, Pop:

Give "proof through the night" with red, white and blue sparklers. Light the night up with the colors of the land of free (as long as it's legal in your neighborhood)!

American Bald Eagle Pool Float:

George Washington would be proud. And so will your guests. Ride on the wings of freedom with a Rideable Patriotic American Bald Eagle Pool Float.