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Do You Need Pool Automation?

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Whether you already have a pool or you’re thinking about adding one, including automated features — or a pool automation system — to control your pool’s pump, lighting, heater, and more will enhance your enjoyment of your pool and ultimately make your life easier! Pool automation can include everything from turning on pool lights from inside your home, turning on your heater before you get home, or controlling multiple functions through a smartphone app.

So, is an automated pool the right choice for you? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Pool Automation

Automated pools can drastically simplify pool operation, saving you time, energy and money. One of the major advantages is the elimination of manual tasks like turning your pool pump on and off.

Managing your pool without automation means making your way to and from the pool pad — often in the dark, through spider webs and mud puddles — to manually adjust valves, activate the pool pump, or adjust heat settings. And in order to simply relax in your spa, you would need to get out and trudge to the pad, turn on the pump, adjust the valve and make sure the water is flowing through the heater. If it gets too hot, you would have to get out again, return to the pad, and re-adjust the heater (hoping you got it right this time), before you can get back into your spa — to “relax”. Manual processes are highly inconvenient, especially in today’s automated world.

With automated pool systems, you gain the convenience of centralized control over a variety of pool functions with ease. While smartphone control is one option, automation can also involve control from a push-button panel in your house or a dedicated button by your spa. This allows you to manage your pool or spa operation effortlessly, improving both convenience and enjoyment. By automating your pool, you can focus on what truly matters — relaxing, swimming and creating lasting memories.

Streamline Pool Operations

A pool automation system can control an array of pool operations, including turning on lights, turning the pump on or off, running the heater, and so much more. What better way to streamline pool operations than to sync them to one system that can control everything at once?

By using one of our Jandy® AquaLink® Automation Systems, you can link everything to a master control panel in your home or to a single app on your smartphone. This means you can control your entire pool system from one place without having to tramp across the yard to the pool pad to flip switches or adjust equipment — again.

Schedule Pool Cleanings

To keep your pool clear and free from debris, it should be cleaned regularly, but no need to stress, there are automated systems that can handle the pool cleaning for you!

An in-floor cleaning system can be installed when your pool is built to ensure every area of your pool is regularly cleaned and that your chemicals circulate properly. With an in-floor cleaning system, strategically placed cleaning heads with a powerful jet stream push debris toward a specialized drain.

Other options for automating your pool cleaning include certain suction-side cleaners and pressure-side cleaners (along with their booster pumps). Talk to a local pool professional about which models can be controlled with an automation system.

Another popular cleaning alternative is a robotic pool cleaner. These cutting-edge cleaners operate independently of your automation system but offer app-enabled convenience and control over the pool cleaning process. These cutting-edge cleaners include features that scrub the floors, walls and waterline as well as a remote-control option to handle quick spot cleaning in your pool as needed. They get the job done fast and they’re easy to remove and store out of the way once they finish their job. A robotic cleaner can be used in any new or existing in-ground or above-ground pool.

All of these options utilize up-to-date technology, allowing you to schedule your pool cleaning so your pool is always clean with minimal effort on your part!

Save Time and Money

As you can see, having an automated swimming pool makes a lot of sense. You can’t beat the convenience, and automating systems and equipment can save you time and money. Running your pool pump on the most efficient schedule, turning lights on and off from inside your home, keeping your pool clean with minimal effort, making sure your heater is only on when you need it (but always ready when you want it) — it all adds up to ease of operation! Plus, when you’re able to monitor your pool systems and equipment, you can address problems quickly to help save energy and save money on maintenance.

Is an Automated Pool the Right Choice for You?

If you want to fully enjoy your pool without spending a ton of time operating and maintaining it, then the answer is YES — an automated pool is the right choice for you! Talk to your pool professional about adding a Jandy® automation system. It’s the smart thing to do!

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