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The ‘Pros’ of Hiring a Certified Pool Pro

So, you want to build or upgrade a swimming pool…

You've done the research and assessed your preferences but realize a project of this magnitude is something that even the most experienced do-it-yourselfer shouldn’t tackle. Even maintenance of a pool is often best left to the pros.

Owning a well-designed and properly maintained pool calls for finding the right certified pool professional whom you can trust to follow through with the job, from planning and design to adding upgrades, as well as for routine maintenance to troubleshooting minor issues before they become major issues. 

The recommendation of a friend, family member, or neighbor is one of the best ways to find a pool professional because you know they'll give you an honest account of their experience with the contractor or service professional and you can see the results firsthand. Beyond that, you could search the web or ask for names at a local building supply store, although be aware that these aren’t always certified and licensed professionals.

A better idea: find the right person to build, update and maintain your pool, spa, or hot tub through Zodiac’s pool professional finder. And before you even think about going the DIY route, consider these reasons for hiring a certified pool builder, installer, and service professional.


  • Your Pool Will Stay Clean: The key to a sparkling clean pool is keeping a regular schedule to prevent problems and make the swimming environment appealing for regular use. For DIYers, this can be up to eight hours per week during the summer. If you hire a pro to maintain your pool and spa, you can spend that extra time doing something else—like swimming in a clean pool.

  • Saves Water: Your pool pro can recommend the most hydraulic-efficient equipment to keep your pool running smoothly and can avoid unnecessary draining, detect leaks, backwash filters only when necessary, ensure that the size of the pump is the correct one for your pool, and operate fountains and water features on timers or with apps, thereby conserving water.

  • Seasonal Care: In cold and even temperate climates, pools and spas need to be winterized. Seasoned pros are experienced in this process, know when to do it, and what will be needed to protect your pool during winter. Come spring, a pro can successfully open your pool and spa at the right time so it will be operating and ready for you to enjoy on it the first warm days.

  • Equipment Maintenance:Your pool’s support system — the pump, filter, and heater — require that everything work like a well-oiled machine. A pool pro will look for and fix minor issues before they become costly repairs. Service professionals are also familiar with various equipment, parts, and brands, can quickly figure out issues, and find remedies.

  • You Save Money: Certified pool professionals are aware of the latest advancements in pool technology that can save you money on your energy bills. However, knowing which energy-efficient pool equipment is most suitable for your pool design and usage can be tricky to determine. A licensed professional will be able to prescribe the best pool pad setup for you.

  • Safety: Pool pros are required to keep up to date on local codes and laws regarding barriers and fencing, along with industry standards and guidelines for anti-entrapment drain covers for both pools and spas. If you are building or remodeling a pool, a certified pool building and installation professional can help you choose surface materials that prevent slipping when wet, are durable, and resistant to the elements.

  • They Know What They’re Doing: Certified pool professionals go through comprehensive training and exams that cover all aspects of the business and pool industry before receiving their certificate. This includes permitting, government regulations, proper handling and storage of chemicals, proper installation procedures, and solar and green technologies. Continuing education is a requirement for certification, ensuring a professional is always current on the latest issues, trends, and developments in the industry.

  • It Will Remain a Pleasure, Not a Project: You have a busy work schedule along with family and social commitments. Do you really want to spend a few evenings or weekend days repairing or cleaning the pool and spa?


Remember, a pool is a substantial investment and the equipment that runs it is highly engineered, requiring electrical, gas and hydraulic expertise. Only a qualified pool professional has the training to prescribe, install and maintain pool equipment so that you can have a reliable and enjoyable swimming experience — and after all, that’s the real reason you got it.

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