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Fun Pool Toys

Pool Toys

The pool season is almost upon us! It's time to start gearing up for the fun. Fluff up the towels, open up the umbrellas, dust off the patio chairs, and break out the pool toys! Pool toys have blown up in a big way over the last couple of summers. With celebs posting pics of themselves floating on giant flamingos and doughnuts, pool toys have gone from something that simply floats to fun and stylish playthings. Before you let oversized swans take over the pool parties, take a look at these other entertaining inflatables to bring to your backyard swim.

Floating Golf Green

That’s right… you can now take your golf game to a whole new level with the floating golf green. It’s a perfect game for two people to play! The floating green is 3 feet by 4 feet and the fringe extends to 43 inches by 56 inches. It comes with floating golf balls, tee box for chipping, premium golf flag and pin, and regulation cup.

Pool Poker

What better way to keep your cool with a killer hand than to enjoy cold drinks and a full game of poker right in your own pool? This floating pool poker table comes with all of the poker equipment you need. The set has an inflatable table and four premium inflatable lounge chairs, which allow you to sit up or sit back, depending on your personal poker body language. On top of that, the cards that come with the set are waterproof! 

Aqua Volly Portable Pool Volleyball

Practice your spike all summer long! The Aqua Volly Portable Pool Volleyball set brings the fun of volleyball to your pool. The lightweight aluminum posts and water-filled bases will keep the net up, spike after spike. The net is adjustable to custom fit different sized pools. Set comes complete with bases, net, volleyball, and posts. 

SwimWays Toypedo Bandits

Let these underwater Toypedo Bandits loose in your backyard pool! Throw it like a dart and watch it zoom through the pool for up to 20 feet. The hydrodynamic shape makes it fast enough for a swimmer to throw and swim after it themselves. 

Hydro Hoop Floating Basketball Game

Practice your free throw all summer long with this floating basketball game! Float the net in the pool and play from every side, or set the net on deck for a little liquid one-on-one action. Three foam floats balance the hoop, keeping it stabilized even during the most aggressive games. 

Water Gear Diving Sea Horses

 Keep the kids busy diving after these Diving Sea Horses! They’re great for water play or swim training. The 7” Sea Horses stand upright at the bottom of the pool. Toss them in the water and have swimmers dive in immediately, or have them wait poolside until all of the horses are at the bottom of the pool to see who can get them first. 

Giant Flamingo Float

If you’d rather lounge than splash around, we’ve got you covered. Let everyone else dive and spike and cannon ball. You’ll be sitting pretty and working on that tan. Float in style on this kitschy Giant Pink Flamingo Float.

Start stocking your pool toys now and you'll be ready when it's time to hit the pool for the summer!

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