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2017 Pool Trends

2017 Swimming Pool Trends

What’s hot and what’s not in pool design for 2017? In a nutshell, minimalist designs seem to be less popular these days, with larger pools and natural-looking designs trending with prospective pool owners. If you’re planning to renovate your existing pool or add a new one, here are a few forward-thinking designs to consider in 2017 according to a Southern California pool builder.

Bigger is bigger. More customers are asking for more expansive projects, says Dan Ramos, president of Distinguished Pools, Inc. in Poway, California. Where the average swimming pool in San Diego is around 35,000 to 40,000 gallons, Ramos is seeing new pools being built in the vicinity of 70,000 gallons and up. In addition, pools are coming with multiple spas, so that swimmers don’t have to walk “all the way” to the other side of the pool to enter the hot tub. But like with a house, larger pools means more maintenance and utilities, plus more water, which can be an issue during a drought in states such as California.

Custom rock work requests are increasing. Ramos says requests for caves and grottos have grown. Also with the new caves and grottos come walk-through tunnels, slides that weave around the rock structures, bridges spanning the pool, lazy rivers, and even rapids systems. Not only that, the cave can act as a separate structure – housing a sauna, bathroom, and even a kitchen. It’s an alternative to gathering outside the pool without being on the pool deck, and allows swimmers to feel like they’re in a more natural landscape.

Pools are considered outdoor extensions of the home. No longer treated as a separate entity that’s used three months out of the year, the pool is now a part of the home, situated in the “outdoor room.” Also, rather than printed porcelain tiles, Ramos is seeing travertine, marble, quartz, and other upgraded materials used on the swimming pool as an extension of the home’s interior. “People want to see the same beautiful features outside as they do inside,” he says.

Lighting is a priority. From landscape lighting to interior pool lighting, creating the right ambiance is high on potential pool owners’ lists. Today, efficient LED lighting available in a multitude of colors can bring light shows to pools, complete with synchronized music. In addition, owners expect to be able to control elements like lighting. along with other pool features including heating, water features, and pool covers, from their smartphones,.

Fire features take on new shapes. People are more interested in adding fire elements around the pool. Fire features are also available in new shape beyond the traditional circular fire bowls, thanks to new technologies. Some new concepts include fire elements carved into custom rock features to look like glowing volcanos.

If you’re considering an upgrade or a new pool, consult with a pool builder to see what designs best fit your style, taste, budget and needs. There are a lot of creative ideas out there to help make your pool your own!

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