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Top 5 Reasons to Love Being a Pool Owner in 2017

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The dog days of winter are upon us. Some of us will endure the cold for a little while longer, but the good news is that winter will soon be over and pool season, our favorite time of the year, will be in full swing. That means that in a few short months, we’ll be unwinding after a long day with a few laps in the pool, hanging out with friends in the backyard all day (and night), and watching the kids splash around for hours.

Whether this will be your first season as a pool owner or you’ve enjoyed more pool seasons than you can count, 2017 is shaping up to be a special pool season with new technologies and options. Here are the top 5 reasons to love being a pool owner in 2017.

1 - Pools with powerful control systems

In 2017, you have complete control of your pool system with 24/7 access anytime, anywhere. Location no longer binds you when it comes to maintaining your pool. With AquaLink control systems and the iAquaLink app, you can control dozens of pool and spa features using Wi-Fi on any smart device, no matter where you are.

Want to take an evening swim before dinner, but need to heat the pool first? Use the app! You can connect your pool's systems – heating, lights, filtration, sanitation, and other functions – to your smartphone, tablet or computer. With the touch of a button, you can warm up the temperature, flip on the water features, start the hot tub, or turn on the lighting. And you can do so from your office, the store, or wherever else you may be. Not only is it convenient, but efficient, especially if you've forgotten to turn down the temperature or shut off a laminar jet while you're away. You can even integrate your pool automation into your home's automation system.

2 - Energy-efficient pools

A pool system’s energy footprint can be smaller than ever in 2017. You can program your variable-speed pump to run at non-peak energy periods and at the minimum speed it needs for a task, which helps conserve energy, or use heaters that ensure water bypasses the heating mechanism when the heater’s not in use, reducing energy consumption without sacrificing performance. Then there’srobotic pool cleaners that can clean a pool like nobody’s business while using way less energy.

3 - Pretty pools

From lights to water features, there are more options than ever to outfit the pool of your dreams. Using energy-efficient LED lights, you can now easily enable your pool and water features to put on light shows. Underwater LED lighting in a wide array of colors turns your pool into a glowing oasis while also saving you up to 90 percent on energy costs. Outside the water, there's also wet-area and landscape lighting to illuminate the backyard for evening entertaining. Many of these can even be controlled by your smartphone app as well. You can work with a landscaper who specializes in lighting to determine the best placement for your lighting around your trees and garden. He or she will also help coordinate lights and colors within your pool area to complement the surrounding yard.

Like lighting, water features add character to pools. The options for water features are endless, from a simple laminar jet to a grand waterfall or fountain. Work with a pool professional to incorporate your vision so that it flows, literally, with the pool design.

4 - Quiet pools

Hear that? Neither do we. That’s the silence of a quiet, high-performing pool system in action. From cleaners to pumps, quiet operation means keeping your pool pristine isn’t keeping you up at night. The pool doesn’t impact your schedule; it works with it - silently humming away. And when you’re relaxing poolside, you don’t need to have a loud pump or other equipment interrupting your peaceful backyard experience.

5 - Internet-connected pool equipment

Pool equipment is becoming smarter and smarter, with more and more products including the ability to connect to Wi-Fi for quick and easy access from wherever you go. From variable-speed pumps to robotic cleaners, connected products set new standards for ease of use and convenience.

Best of all, pool owners don’t have to spend much time thinking about their pool equipment. With access to equipment in real-time from virtually anywhere, the pool is ready for whatever fun you plan for it. Schedule a pool cleaning from the gym or allow your servicer to access the pump remotely so you don’t have to wait for an on-site visit before you invite people over.

Whatever you want out of your pool experience, 2017 is ready to deliver. Enjoy a pool season filled with relaxing moments and friends and family. Lounge around while listening to the tranquil sounds of your water features and enjoy the sparkling body of pristine pool water in front of you before taking that dip. Or, hold an all-day bracket-style cannonball contest. The choice is yours, but it’s clear that there are a lot of reasons to love being a pool owner in 2017.

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