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Tips and Tricks for Pool Owners

Swimming Pool Tips and Tricks for Pool Owners

Did you know that you can put a tennis ball in your skimmer to reduce oils (think suntan lotion) and hair that are left behind by daily usage and not removed by your pool's filter? Or that bees love the smell of chlorine so if you're seeing a lot of bees around your pool you can hide dryer sheets in your plants to discourage bee activity?

If you want more cool information like the above, stay tuned for our weekly YouTube series on tips and tricks for pool owners. We'll kick it off in time for pool season and plan to share some great information to help you enjoy your pool even more.

We would love to hear from you about any questions you have regarding pool ownership, care, and maintenance. Leave us a message or comment on our Facebook page and we'll get a pool pro on it!

Keep your eyes on this space for more details on our official tips and tricks video series launch!

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