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6 Ways to Thank Your Pool Professional

Pool professional cementing new pool

Pool professionals consist of pool retailers, servicers and builders who are all responsible for ensuring pool owners’ needs are fulfilled regarding the overall functionality of their pools. All pool professionals make a difference in supporting pool owners and their passion for their profession is evident in every project or customer they assist.

A Day (and Profession) Worthy of Celebration

September 7th is officially Fluidra International Pool Pro Day! This year, the pool industry has experienced unforeseeable challenges such as the inability to manufacture and stock products due to material shortages, labor shortages and shipping delays created by the pandemic as well as the BioLab fire and the Texas Freeze. Amidst all these challenges, pool professionals have been making the most out of every obstacle while maintaining customer satisfaction.

We know how hard pool pros work each day to ensure you and your family have a clean and safe pool to swim in. That’s why we wanted to take some time to recognize all of the long hours and tremendous dedication they exhibit by creating a special day to celebrate them.

Want to join in on the celebration? Here are a few ways you can show appreciation for your pool professional:

1. Call or text them to say "Thank You"

This may sound simple, but sometimes the simplest act can bring the greatest joy. Most customers have their service pro on speed dial for emergencies or routine maintenance scheduling. But what a great surprise would it be for them to receive a call or a text thanking them for their hard work over the last few months or even years!

2. Leave them a positive review

Nothing says “thank you” quite like a 5-star review on your pool professional’s website or their business page on the popular app, Yelp. This not only shows your appreciation for their service but helps prospective customers see the company’s value. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved!

3. Share a message on social media

Do you have a funny story or favorite memory involving your pool professional? Take to social media to share with friends and family or jot down some words of acknowledgment for the dedicated pool pro in your life. Be sure to tag them or their company and use the hashtag #FluidraInternationalPoolProDay when you post!

4. Send them a hand-written Thank You note

Take a more sentimental approach to number one. Hand-written notes have been used for years to express gratitude and appreciation, whether through a short message, letter or card. There’s something unique and more personable about a hand-written note which allows the sender to reach out and recognize someone for all the hard work they do.

5. Send them a goody basket

You can never go wrong with a gift basket! Time and time again, people send goody baskets to say thank you or acknowledge when hard work has been done. We’ll leave it up to you to decide what kind of goodies you want to include but here are some ideas to consider:

  • Baked goods
  • Gift cards to their favorite restaurant, coffee shop or hardware store (they could use that for tools!)
  • Job-related tools including Allen wrenches, batteries, screwdrivers, flashlights, putty or a simple multi-tool
  • Protective gear such as gloves and hats to help protect them when working in various weather conditions

6. Refer them to a friend

We all know word-of-mouth is the most common way to attract customers to a business and one of the best ways is through a referral. So, refer your favorite pool professional to a friend, family member or colleague! Bringing them more business is the “thank you” that will last a lifetime.

Thank a Pool Pro

We rely on pool professionals for their expertise in maintenance and safety to provide us endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation in our pools. Their tireless work under the sun frequently goes unnoticed, and it’s time to shine a light of gratitude on them for all the advice, commitment and knowledge they provide.

Be sure to mark your calendars for September 7th every year to celebrate Fluidra International Pool Pro Day and take time to thank the pool professionals in your life.

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