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The Perfect Duo: Home Automation & Pool Automation

The iAquaLink Pool Control App lets you control your pool anytime, from anywhere

Home automation exists because comfort shouldn’t be stressful. When you get home, you don’t want to worry about fussing with the lights and temperature before you can relax. Instead, you can simply tell your home automation system that it’s “time to chill out,” put on your slippers, and enjoy a perfect environment.

Pool automation follows the same logic: why should you worry about your pool 24/7? Controlling it should be easy, from turning valves to setting the pool temperature. With an AquaLink® pool automation system, you can do this and more using iAquaLink®, the highest-rated pool control app on the market.

Now, home automation and pool automation work together thanks to iAquaLink’s integration with various home automation systems, including Amazon Alexa.

Smart Home, Meet Smart Pool

Want to turn off the spa before heading to bed, or check the pool temperature before your guests arrive? You can manage these and other pool and spa controls directly from the comfort of your home with AquaLink RS integration via iAquaLink.1

Turn the pool and spa off and on, manage lighting and water features, and check the water temperature (when the filter pump is turned on) all from your home automation dashboard. And if you happen to have the Polaris® 9650iQ Sport smart pool robot, you can even control your pool cleanings too.

All of this is nice on its own, but the real power comes when you integrate these controls with your home automation routines. For example, you could set up a one-request scene or routine on your dashboard that plays smooth jazz music in the house, dims the lights, begins heating the pool, and lights up your waterfall. Or, if Sunday is your regular pool day, you could have the system automatically set the pool to the right temperature once a week. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Alexa, Please Do Everything

Alexa also gives you voice command, which is a whole new level of luxury. Say you’re watching TV on the sofa and you decide to take a dip after your favorite show. Simply say, “Alexa, set pool temperature to 72 degrees.” Or, if you have a preset routine, just say, “Alexa, make things cozy,” and watch as the environment adjusts to your preferences, right down to the deck jets.

This pleasant state of affairs isn’t difficult to set up. Everything gets synced quickly through iAquaLink . Plus, you still maintain iAquaLink’s convenient functionality on your smartphone, meaning you can adjust controls remotely thanks to WiFi connectivity. Use Alexa or the iAquaLink app to turn on the spa heater when you're on the way home from the gym so it’s ready to hop in when you get home.

Pool Automation Has Never Been Simpler

Smart home integration is just the latest in a long list of pool automation benefits. For example, your pool professional can improve efficiency by setting up variable-speed pump settings using the Jandy® iQPUMP01. And at the end of the day, wouldn’t we all love to take a nighttime swim without having to fumble around in chilly darkness first?

Ready to make your smart pool and your smart home swim in formation? Speak to your pool professional to get started with pool automation today.

Your home automation system may require a software upgrade to install the required iAquaLink driver. Please speak with you home automation dealer.
1. Your home automation system may require a software upgrade to install the required iAquaLink driver. Please speak with you home automation dealer.

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