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Hunkering Down at Home and Ready to Start Swimming? Consider a Pool Pro to Ensure Your Pool Is Healthy, Clean & Safe

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The weather’s warming up and with the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, there’s no better place to relax, unwind and have some family fun than in your own backyard pool or spa.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there’s no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through pools when they are properly operated, maintained and disinfected. So, keeping pool water safe to swim in is more important than ever and there’s no better person to take care of your pool water and make certain it is perfectly balanced than your local pool professional.

While summer may not be in full swing just yet, it’s time to make sure your pool is ready while we’re all hunkering down and staying safe at home. If you already rely on a pool professional to keep your pool in tip-top shape, the good news is that the large majority of pool professionals are continuing to service pools to ensure they stay sanitary and clean at this time. If, however, you’re in search of a local pool professional, you can use our Find a Pool Pro locator to discover the closest qualified pool professional near you.

Before Hiring Your Pool Professional. . .

If you’ve never worked with a pool service, there are several questions you should ask to make sure you find a good fit for your needs.

  1. Is the company licensed and insured?

    Skimmer baskets, ladders, automatic cleaners, and any other detachable pool equipment are removed from the pool for the winter and stored in a safe, dry place. Care should be taken to not damage any wiring and connections used for bonding and grounding.

  2. How often does the company service the pool?

    Most pool care companies have a weekly or bi-weekly service schedule. It’s important to know how often they come by — especially now. While pool service pros are still working, in light of COVID-19 many may have modified their schedules. And, during peak swim season, you may not want to wait two weeks before adding chemicals to the pool given its above-average.

    Also, consider complementing your pool service with an easy-to-use device, such as the Blueriiot™ Smart Water Analyzer, which provides real-time water chemistry readings, anytime, anywhere via an app. You and your pool pro will even be alerted the second your pool water is off balance. This is a good solution to help ensure you stay on top of your pool water maintenance between service visits.

  3. What services are included?

    Pool care can include a wide range of services, from simply adding and balancing chemicals to more labor-intensive tasks like vacuuming and installing equipment. Know what pool services your pool professional includes and be sure to ask what they recommend. Filter cleaning, cartridge cleaning, and salt cell cleaning are all routine services that you may need to keep your pool water algae and bacteria free.

    And counting on a trained pool pro to monitor and replace aging equipment, which should only be done by a licensed and experienced pool professional, is key to avoid damaging your pool system

  4. How much does it cost?

    Once you understand what’s included in your routine pool service, you’ll be able to better weigh the cost. A company that simply adds chemicals and checks the skimmer should cost less than a company that also sweeps the pool and/or services or replaces equipment. Remember, you’re paying for the skill and expertise of a licensed professional to protect your investment and to ensure your pool is safe to swim in.

  5. What other pool services or products does the company recommend?

    After the first inspection, ask your pool professional what other services or upgrades they recommend for your pool. Do they advise getting a new filter, pump, or automatic pool cleaner? Perhaps they suggest upgrading your system in order to cut down your energy costs over time or adding a heater so you can start your swim season earlier than normal given current circumstances. All of their recommendations are worth considering to make sure your pool system continues to function optimally when you need it most.

We hope these questions help you get the most from your pool service company so that you can get set up now and start enjoying your pool as soon as possible.

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