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Now You See It. Now You Don’t: The Newest Automatic Pool Cover for New Construction

Closing pool and spa covers

The options for swimming pool design and customization today are nearly endless. But what has held back beautiful pool design for some time is bulky equipment that creates an eyesore next to an otherwise gorgeous backyard oasis. Thanks to advances in pool technology, form and function are finally working together to preserve the aesthetics of custom swimming pools.

This is now possible with the newest automatic pool cover technology from Cover-Pools®, available for new construction or major renovations of pools and spas. All the mechanics of an automatic safety pool cover are easily hidden, providing the best possible functionality without compromising the visual appeal of your pool.

Think of it like a sunroof on your car: with the push of a button, the roof appears or disappears — the design flawless, with none of the mechanics visible to the naked eye. The car’s sleek look remains, unobstructed. With Cover-Pools’ technology, the same goes for your pool cover: now you see it, now you don’t with no visible sign that the pool cover even exists.

Given that Cover-Pools invented the very first automatic pool cover in 1959, it’s no surprise that the company is paving the way with new advances in pool cover technology. Their latest models — including covers designed specifically for spas — feature tech that helps keep your pool design streamlined.

The Cover-Pools® cover disappears completely under a recess at the end of the pool.

The Benefits of an Automatic Pool Cover System

Why use a pool cover in the first place? There are several reasons to install one, including:

  • Keeping children and pets safe
  • Saving money on energy costs
  • Keeping debris out of the pool
  • Extending the life of other pool equipment
  • Reducing evaporation and pool water loss

Cover-Pools’ technology focuses on maximizing these benefits. For one, its pool covers deliver a savings of up to 70% in operating costs. Cover-Pools is also known for its hidden track systems, ultra-durable Quad-Core™ fabric, easy-to-use controls and high-quality mechanisms.

Creating Beautiful Pools & Spas with New Pool Cover Technology

The stainless-steel cable design of Cover-Pools’ T4™ automatic system is a gamechanger. Compared to standard rope systems that stretch and shrink and run askew over time — requiring costly replacements, stainless steel cable systems deliver increased durability and less maintenance, offering a better long-term value. With a smaller mechanism, pool owners enjoy a seamless, more visually pleasing aesthetic.

Gone are the large mechanism housings or oversized pool tiles that clash with the rest of your pool decking which were previously required to hide the bulky pool cover system. The newly released T4 models are available for both pools and spas, allowing owners even more freedom with custom pool and spa construction that completely hides the pool cover system.

A pool with noticeable, oversized coping tiles to accommodate the large auto pool cover system.

Uniform, visually-pleasing tile around a pool and spa using Cover-Pools® new system.

How does it work? When you want to cover your pool or spa, just press a button or turn a switch. When your pool is uncovered, the cover disappears completely — just like your car’s sunroof. You’d never know it was even there.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Pool or Spa Design

Choosing the best pool cover comes down to your individual preferences and needs. For pool owners seeking to maintain their vision for a beautiful, custom pool or spa with a built-in automatic pool cover, the T4 system from Cover-Pools is quite literally, the perfect fit.

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