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Passionate Poolside Romance: The Subtle Art of Creating Ambiance

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but as true romantics know, you don’t need just one day out of the year to express love and enjoy private time with the one you love. That’s why it’s smart to have features already in place whenever the mood strikes, so be sure to bring this up with your pool professional when re-designing or building your swimming pool. To create an outdoor environment that can help you relax, set a romantic mood, and entertain—or for a special occasion—plan ahead by including fire and water features, and decorative lighting into your pool design.

If you have a spa, make sure your spa is protected by privacy walls to ward off neighbors’ prying eyes (from lower and upper levels) or to simply block unsightly views from your vantage point in the spa or yard. This can be achieved with decorative fencing, panels, shrubs, or vines.

Water Features

  • The sight and sound of a natural waterfall is mesmerizing and relaxing. While a hike to Yosemite might not be practical, a waterfall can be enjoyed in your own pool or spa with a product like Jandy's Sheer Descent Cascade Waterfall with FiberFall. For added intrigue, Sheer Descent’s fiber optic cable adds an array of colors to a flowing waterfall.

  • A water bowl looks like a planter or fire bowl, but instead of growing succulents or warming up on the patio, the bowl is a fountain-like vessel for flowing water. Made by Grand Effects®, water bowls are available in concrete, metallic, or handmade copper and come in a variety of sizes. Options include illuminated stone bases and covers.

  • A winning combination of light, water, and sound has made the SAVI® X-Stream Falls extremely popular, especially since it can be used alone or with other SAVI products.

  • If it’s a clear night, you’re in luck. If not, you can still enlist the help of SAVI’s X-Stream Celestial Floor Kit to create a little night magic in your pool, on the deck, or steps. A complete lighted bubbler kit, X-Stream Celestial features full-color LED lighting and can be used alone or with other SAVI pool and spa lighting systems.

  • While underwater pool or spa lighting is a necessity, it doesn’t have to be boring. Make it easy and fun with Jandy Nicheless LED Underwater Pool and Spa Lights (a niche is the built-in, underwater housing for pool lighting). These cost-saving LEDs are available in white or WaterColors, with a 25% greater beam spread. The WaterColors feature nine different hues with five light shows; the system is part of a full assortment of lighting watercolor bubblers, falls, and features.
Fire Features

  • How about reenacting one of those romantic movie scenes in which a room is flooded with candles, only replacing the wax with something more permanent and versatile like Fire Candeleres. Designed to illuminate and add fire to outdoor living spaces, these round or square, torch-like lighting features are made of concrete or white quartz stone. White and colored LED lights are an energy-efficient option for the white quartz Candeleres.

  • Cozying up by a fire pit or table that’s designed to complement your home’s style and your favorite building material is something you can enjoy year round. Fire pits can heat up a romantic evening or provide warmth for a crowd of friends on a chilly night.

  • Want to make it a truly romantic night, then do it with diamonds… made of glass. We’re talking about fire glass, and Grand Effects’ non-reflective fire glass is offered in shapes other than just diamond, like ice cubes, footballs, and standard beach glass varietals. Match colors to the mood you want to create, like dark blue, aqua, or metallic copper. In addition to being a beautiful alternative to wood, fire glass is a cleaner, more environmental choice.
You’re in Control

Looking to end the night with sensual swim or sip wine while in the spa with your date? Surprise them with a scenic entrance when you arrive home with AquaLink® automation that allows you to control all the features of your pool and spa from the iAquaLink™ app on your phone. So while you’re still at dinner, you can turn on the pool lights and heat up the spa so it’s all good to go when you walk through the door.

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