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What is Mineral Sanitation?

You’ve heard of mineral drinking water, but what about minerals in your swimming pool? The same mineral technology used to purify drinking water can also keep your pool water clean and less reliant on chemicals to maintain.

Minerals, used for centuries to disinfect water, are a natural way to remove contaminants from your pool while reducing the amount of chlorine needed in the pool. This is a great option for those who are sensitive to chlorine. The two that are approved by the EPA for use in the pool are silver, which can destroy bacteria, and copper, which is an effective method to control algae (which silver can also do, too).

Using minerals with regular pool sanitation has grown in popularity through the years, particularly as more pool owners look for ways to reduce their dependence on chlorine. Minerals should not be used alone; it’s still important to have a sanitation system in place for health and safety, but the mineral technology can greatly improve the water feel and quality while reducing the amount of chlorine in the pool.

There are a few methods to deliver minerals into the pool. One is through electric ionizers, which uses electricity to create positively-charged ions (known as cations) to attract microorganisms and destroy them. Another uses solar power instead of electricity to produce the same effect. And a third option is a power-free cartridge, in which mineral ions are dispensed into the water to fight bacteria.

The cartridge works in conjunction with the pool filter. The minerals break up molecules into pure oxygen, which destroys unwanted microorganisms. The silver and copper also fight algae and bacteria as well. This helps prevent buildup in the filter and increases the filter’s efficiency. As a result, less chlorine is needed to fight contaminants, since the minerals already took care of them. The minerals come in a cartridge that usually lasts between 4-6 months.

Minerals are a great complement to your regular sanitizing system because they reduce the demand for sanitizers, whose by-products can cause skin and eye irritation. While minerals have the potential to stain your pool, particularly those from an electric or solar ionizer, they will not if used properly. In addition, you can use a sequestering agent to prevent staining. Products from non-electric cartridges do not stain because they are released slowly and typically come with a no-stain guarantee.

Coupled with mineral supplemental sanitation, regular weekly chemical testing and balancing, shocking when needed, and general maintenance will allow you to enjoy safe, crystal clear water throughout your swimming season at up to a 50% chlorine usage/cost savings.

If you’d like to install mineral system in your pool, contact your pool technician for questions and to decide which system works best for you.

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