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Kid Friendly Pool Features


If there’s anyone who absolutely, unconditionally, loves swimming pools, it’s kids. They can spend hours frolicking in them, playing games, shooting water guns, jumping off diving boards, sliding down waterslides, pouring buckets and cups, and just lounging on a float. When building or renovating your own backyard pool, it’s a great idea to add features that cater to little ones, whether your own kids, your nieces and nephews, your grandkids, or even your own inner child.

Beach entry. Also known as the zero-entry, this gradual slope into your pool is a practical feature for all ages. It’s nice for babies who like to sit in the water and splash around them, and for the adults who like to do the same to cool off without actual committing to being completely wet. It’s also a functional entry for those with a physical disability, or seniors who can enter the water without having to climb a ladder or steps. Beach entry works well if you have a lot of space, since the entry itself will take a lot of room before you’re immersed in the water.

Shallow water. Rather than separate little kids into their own kiddie pool, it’s nice to have a shallow end that starts at two feet so even the littlest kids can roam without feeling like they might go under. (Of course, adults should always be within arms’ reach of a child). This is also, again, perfect for taller people who don’t want to completely submerge, but like to wade through a pool or sit waist-high to cool off.

Water features. Kids love water interaction—from bubblers in the ground to streams that shoot across the pool. They’re not only fun to play with, but beautiful to watch (and for grown-ups as well!) There’s a wide selection of interactive water features that you can install in your swimming pool: waterfalls, laminar jets, mini-jets, sheer cascades, or rain curtains. They can also come with LED pool lighting, and can be controlled with your smartphone.

Slides. The ultimate feature in swimming pools, waterslides are a popular way to spend an afternoon slip-sliding away. Slides can be set up independently or incorporated into rockwork in a subtle manner. The slide should drop into a deeper part of the pool, and you need to figure in the amount of space is needed for the waterslide on the deck. You also need to consider the maximum weight of typical swimmers who frequent your pool and which slides can accommodate that weight.

Shade. Lastly, a shade structure or canopy over the shallow part of the pool can help ward the sun off little ones as they frolic in the water. A canvas shade structure works better than trees, which can create a leafy mess in the water. A shade structure can also be removed if more sun is desired, and easily cleaned with a hose.

If you’re interested in adding any of these features to make your pool super fun for kids and adults alike, talk to your pool builder. Some of these may be easily added, such as jets and slides, while others may involve renovating the actual pool.

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