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How to Automate Your Pool and Spa

Pool Automation

You probably already realize that pool automation makes life easier. The ability to adjust pool and spa lights, temperatures, water features and more from anywhere is a huge plus. What you may not know is how pool and spa automation works. Is set up complicated? Can automation be added after a pool is built? Do you need a remote control? These are all standard questions pool owners ask. To clear up confusion, here is a brief overview on how pool automation works.

1. A pool professional assesses your equipment to identify what you want automated. He or she will ask if you want both your pool and spa automated, if you want to control lights, water temperature, salt or chlorine levels, etc. The answers inform how many circuits your control center - the brain of the system - will need. The control center is typically a box installed at the equipment pad that is hardwired to each piece of equipment (heater, pumps, salt cells) to be automated. Note that if your pool is a new build, your builder will go through this process with you before the equipment pad is installed.

2. The pool professional will connect and program the control center. The control center has a CPU (central processing unit) that can be programmed like a computer. After each piece of equipment is wired to a series of relays in the control center, your installer will customize the components' labels. This impacts how you'll view the features from your user interface (wall-mounted panel, etc.).

3. You decide what user interface you want. You can choose which user interface options best suit your needs. Choices include poolside remotes and in-home wall-mounted control panels. Pool automation systems can even integrate with your home automation systems so you can control your whole home inside and out from just one panel. State-of-the-art pool automation systems also offer low-cost, web-enabled control. Websites and apps that allow you to control your pool and spa from anywhere in the world, 24/7, via a smartphone, tablet or laptop are available to access for free.

4. Your pool professional will walk you through the system. After this walk-through procedure, you'll know how to turn on pool lights, adjust water temperature, turn on waterfalls, etc. without having to visit the pool pad. Most pool and spa features can now be controlled with the touch of a finger using your home panel, remote, and/or app. Another time-saving automation feature is the ability for your service professional to often diagnose issues remotely through the app without having to schedule a time to visit your pool.

This is a brief introduction to how pool automation works. As always, we recommend you contact your pool professional for more information.

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