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Top 7 Questions to Ask Your Swimming Pool Contractor Before He Starts Building

Questions to Ask Your Pool Builder

This is a guest post from California Pools.

Finding a swimming pool builder to work with that you really trust can be a difficult task. To help concerned homeowners looking to start their next swimming pool construction project, we've created this list of the top seven questions you should be sure to ask your potential contractor ahead of signing a contract and starting a pool project.


1) How long have you been in business?

Independent swimming pool builders can only back up their warranties, guarantees, and contracts for as long as they're in business. So without a strong track record, the company you're considering could cause frustrations and issues for you down the road.

2) Do you have a Yelp page?

This may seem like a silly question to ask a swimming pool contractor, but external reviews are a great way to evaluate the character of whoever runs the business. It is important to keep in mind, though, that most reviewers on either far end of the satisfaction spectrum are sometimes competitors or outliers and inaccurate representations of the company's true work.

3) Can I have at least three references of people for whom you’ve built a pool?

If you can arrange to talk with the pool owner as well, you will learn a lot about the builder's working style, attitude, and job habits. If you can, also be sure to ask if the project was completed within budget and on time, if there were any concerns about the quality of the work, and if the homeowner would hire the builder again. 

3) What kind of quality standards do you uphold companywide? 

California Pools discloses to all potential clients their construction standards that apply for all of their office locations within each stage of the process. These formally recorded standards help prevent any "corner-cutting" that might cause further problems for you in the long run. 

4) What sets you apart from your competition? 

Reputable contractors will be honest and transparent about their company’s strengths—whether it’s the design, the organization, or the corporate backing. If the builder is trying to "sell" you, you might want to consider other options; but if the builder is genuinely excited about working on your project and providing the best possible product, you’ve found someone with high-quality values.


5) What warranties are included in my contract? 

If the builder’s answer to question one made you comfortable with signing the contract, then you can feel assured that the warranties included will truly be upheld for as long as necessary. For instance, California Pools offers a lifetime structural warranty.  As previously mentioned, builders with shorter lifespans can only uphold a “lifetime” warranty for as long as they are in business. 

6) How will I be kept informed throughout the entire process? 

It is extremely important for the builder you’re working with to have a system of communication and organization that coordinates everyone involved in the project. This helps keep everyone on the same page with each stage of construction until project completion. Whether the communication protocol is frequent visits from the project manager to discuss each stage, or daily phone calls from the main salesperson, this communication is vital for everyone involved. 

It's important to work with a contractor that protects the homeowner. Use these questions to vet your contractor and you'll be more likely to work with a pool builder that's right for the project.

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