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Zodiac recently provided pool and spa equipment for the illustrious Stone Pine Farmhouse project, a new home build designed as a showcase for California’s Title 24 building standards. Owned by actor Tim DeKay (lead on the cable series “White Collar,” the Stone Pine Farmhouse features best-in-class design, construction, and materials with an eye toward sustainability and energy efficiency.

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Stone Pine has been under construction for the past year, and is now ready for occupancy. Located in the Los Angeles area, the home is a true state-of-the art residence featuring the latest in sustainable design. Devoted to “economic feasibility, building durability, occupant comfort, family health and indoor air quality,” the Stone Pine home was built with (among other things) a heat/energy recovery ventilator to provide a constant supply of filtered fresh air, and water recirculation pumps that deliver hot water on demand, reduce water waste, and conserve energy.

Zodiac Celebrity Pool Installation

For the pool, Zodiac contributed a Jandy filtration pump, filter, heater, booster pump, energy-efficient LED color lights, and more to comprise the Total Zodiac Pool. We’d like to thank the project's pool builder, Amazon Pools, for its amazing installation expertise and support.

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Enjoy the pictures!

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