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3 Pool Safety Tips


Your swimming pool is a gathering place for family and friends, and taking some precautions to maximize safety will keep it that way.

Below we list some of the ways to ensure your pool is a safe place for your loved ones.

Here are three tips to ensure pool safety:

1. Protect the Pool

The CPSC recommends that you put up layers of protection which will make accessing the pool area difficult. Some of the preventative measures they highlight include constructing a fence or wall around the pool, and installing pool alarms. Construct a fence or wall around the pool area that is approximately 1.3 meters high. If you've put a fence up make sure that your children can't slip through the gaps and remember to ensure that the latch is out of their reach. A nice idea is to have a bell on the gate leading to the pool. That way when anyone opens the gate you will know and can act quickly.

Covering the pool is also a great idea. There are many options for parents concerned for the safety of their children. Speak to a consultant at your local pool care outlet for all the information on the protective pool covers available to you.

2. Educate Your Kids

It is vital that parents teach their children not to go into the pool area unsupervised and are taught to swim from a very early age. Teach them that accidents happen quickly and that they should not play around the pool area or try to retrieve anything that may have fallen into the pool without your help. It's not only your children that are at risk, so if you have pets make sure that they too can not access the pool area.

When it comes to diving, please make sure that your children know the dangers associated with diving into the pool. It may all seem like fun and games to them, but the dangers are insurmountable.

3. React Immediately

When a child is missing, go to the pool immediately - time can make the difference between life and death. It's very important for parents to be prepared for any emergency - so a first aid course is highly recommended.

Prevention is far better than cure so be sure to choose pool accessories carefully and with the safety of everyone who will be using the pool in mind.

When planning your pool be sure to keep safety at the forefront of your decision making.

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