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Pool Landscaping Tips and Ideas, Part 2

Pool Landscaping Tips - Part 2

Let’s face it, landscaping can make or break a pool’s aesthetics. What surrounds your pool definitely makes as big an impact as what’s in it. Decking, plants, lighting - all are great options to consider for added ambiance that make your “poolscaping” shine.

Before you landscape, it’s important to decide the best combination of form and function, and the overall look you're going for, but once you’ve done that, you're ready to select some landscaping components:


Plants add a lot of beauty to a pool’s landscape, but you want to ensure you don't select foliage that shed leaves, seeds, or other debris that can fall into your pool. Also, fruit trees and other insect-attracting plants can bug swimmers. If you’re starting from scratch with your plant landscaping, know the types of shrubs, flowers and trees that do best in your region.

Check out what USDA hardiness zone you live in, write down the plants and trees that thrive in your zone, and choose those that fit your desired look.

If you already have a lot of trees on the property, adding plants around your pool may not be necessary, so take into account what surrounds your pool.

For an extra decorative touch, vines like jasmine, trumpet vine, and bougainvillea work well to weave over fences.


Children and privacy tend to be the main reasons pool owners add a fence. The type of fence you depends on aesthetic preference, but options include aluminum, wood, and PVC, which can be molded into a variety of styles. Know whether or not you have a saltwater or chlorine pool before adding a fence, because salt can corrode some fencing materials.


Lighting adds beauty and safety. A combination of path lights, tree uplights, and spotlights lend a well-illuminated and pretty look to pool areas, and string patio lights can be added for extra glow.

For energy efficiency, low-voltage LED systems can be used for landscape lighting to light stairs or paths. Solar lights are also easy to maintain and will remain lit into the evening around the pool. Other lighting options can include fire elements like fire pits, bowls, and more for entertaining.

Shade Structures

Many pool owners add gazebos, arbors, pergolas, pool houses, and other shade structures to pool areas. Pool houses and guest cabanas are also popular options and give swimmers a place to relax when they're not in the pool.


Boulders should be in context to your pool's design. If you're not going for a natural look, boulders will seem out of place. If you do use boulders, it's best to group them around the pool and include them amidst lush landscaping otherwise they will look too stark against your pool.

Comfort, convenience, and fun are all part of the landscaping decision process, so choose according to how you use your pool and personal taste, and the rest will follow.

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