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Tips for Landscaping Around an Inground Pool

Landscaping Your Pool

If you’re just embarking on the pool landscaping journey, you may be overwhelmed with options and ideas. But before you choose plants and other elements, it’s important to consider the function of your landscape design. Spend some time thinking through the below before you landscape, and you’ll be well prepared to begin:


If you have small kids and/or pets, or entertain often, safety is of prime importance. So you’ll want to consider fencing, slip-resistant surfaces, and lighting as key parts of your design.


Is your backyard easily viewed by neighbors? If so, fences provide functional, but “pretty” landscaping. Other options include vines, shade structures, and larger, fuller trees.


Easy pool entry for swimmers is always a consideration, so watch out for potential stumbling blocks like boulders, tree roots and sharp edges. The need for good visibility will also dictate where you place landscape and pool lighting.


Natural, tropical, ultra-modern are all “themes” that can be incorporated into your poolscape. Decide what look you’re going for, your pool’s shape and type, and go from there to select the plants, lighting, and extra elements that make your theme come alive.

Once you decide the best combination of form and function, and the overall look you're going for, you're ready to select some landscaping components (that’s the really fun part). Stay tuned for our next post that highlights some popular ways to landscape pool areas.

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