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Water Conservation for Pool Owners

Water Conservation for Pool Owners

As California faces its fourth year of drought conditions, Golden State residents are increasingly feeling the impact. Restrictions and cutbacks are being implemented across the state, and everyone is doing their part to conserve water. 

A concern that naturally arises during this time is “what about pools?” Are pools the water wasters some people believe? Pool industry experts say no, and that once a pool is filled, it uses less water per day than an irrigated lawn, as long as the pool is properly maintained. And, according to Let’s Pool Together, a joint California Pool and Spa Association(CPSA), Independent Pool and Spa Association (IPSSA) and Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) initiative, filling all new pools in the Sacramento region, would result in less than five percent of one day’s water use for the area. 

Even so, if you’re a pool owner -or about to be one - you're probably wondering about water conservation. Here are some facts and tips to consider courtesy of our friends at Swim University.

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