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How to Have a Safe Pool Party

Pool Party Safety

It’s that time of year again! We’re smack dab in the middle of summer, which means it’s pool party season. If you’re planning a poolside barbecue or other summer get-together, your party’s food, theme, and decor may occupy your mind, but it’s important to also think about how to ensure your guests stay safe by and in the pool. Here are a few ways to keep safety rule number one:

  1. Consider the maximum capacity of your pool when you send invitations and have a plan in place for how you will monitor the number of people in your pool. If you’ll be inviting a lot of kids, decide whether or not you’ll allow drop-offs or if you need parents to stay to monitor the little ones. If you know that a lot of young children will be attending your party, you might want to ask parents to bring life vests for extra protection.

  1. Draft a set of “pool rules” before your party and post them where everyone can see them. You don’t need to word the rules like a stern schoolteacher, just be sure the rules are clear. Some ideas of rules to include are: No Diving (if you have a shallow pool), No Children Under the Age of 8 in the Deep End (if you have a deeper pool), No Dunking, No Jumping, and Always Swim With a Buddy.

  1. Hire a lifeguard or pool monitor to watch swimmers. Take some of the stress off and enjoy your party by knowing someone is watching young guests at all times. Good places to locate lifeguards include local swim schools, and community pools. If you don’t use a lifeguard, you can assign adults “shifts” to monitor the pool on a rotating basis.

  1. Set up a “Sunscreen Station” near the pool with a variety of sunscreens for kids and adults. Locating sunscreens in a spot that’s visible and accessible helps your guests remember to apply sunscreen (and reapply when necessary).

  1. Keep emergency equipment close. If you don’t have the equipment, make sure you do have it by the time of your party. The short list of equipment to keep handy includes, but is not limited to, ropes, poles, and flotation devices. Always keep a cordless phone close to the pool too for quick response to any issues.

Everyone loves a pool party! Take a few safety precautions beforehand and you’ll be free to enjoy your guests (and the food!).

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